Tuesday, July 28, 2009

80th Birthday 25/07/09

It was my grandfather's 80th birthday! *Happy Birhtday Ah Kong* XD. It's by God's grace that my family was able to conduct a great night for my grandfather! Well for me, it was great but i do not know what do others think of it hehe. Had it in Imperial Palace's Ballroom in Centro Klang. Here are the pictures of the food we had there =D
The Usual 5 dishes =D

Monk Jump Over The Fence *fuo tiao chiang*

Suckling Pig

Pomfret Fish

Scallop in Wintermelon? XD

Longevity Noodle

Pao * dont know what pao* XD

That's all for today =D

Thursday, July 23, 2009

My Day =D

SHEREEN CHEW SZU YEN made me honey lemon!!! hahaha! i didnt expect she'll really make one for me when i asked her last night! XD THANKS ALOT!!! it tasted fantastic!! AWESOMENESS!!!*not exaggerating but its really nice* She said it must be not too sweet nor too sour to have a nice honey lemon, well she did a really good job in making one. =D

That's her cute bottle! XD the name is strawberry something right?? LOL! forgot already.
OH! Just to prove that i drank the whole honey lemon drink!

See! its empty!! =D

Had supper with my cousins including the ones that came back from Aussie! *Sheryl and Eunice* PRETTY COUSINS! LOL! Had a really good time tonight talking during supper =D. Both of them said i won't be a good boyfriend because of what i said *girls are like chewing gums, when the sweetness/flavour is gone, we'll juz have to spit it out* XD. BUT DONT WORRY GIRLS!!! I"LL TREASURE YOU IF YOU"RE WITH ME!!! I'LL NEVER *SPIT* YOU OUT! LOL! XD
Hmmm....manage to take a picture with both my PRETTY COUSINS after so longgg~~~ XD

*Eunice, Me, Sheryl*
Got to be a *hunter* during degree!!! hehe =D

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Usually every week i'll see my cousin at least 5 times a week! but now... haih! i can only see her like twice a week at max! She *left* me alone in college now and is *enjoying* her life in HELP Damansara! was QUITE sad when i heard she's leaving, but now...hmmm i think i'm used to it already QUAR~~~hahahah! Now i'm being a little more close to my classmates ! If not,*fuuuu* i think i'll be sitting at one side alone being all depressed alone! You'll not be surprised to see me in Tg.Rambutan! =D. BUT Dont worry May, you're still the closest la!* cousin kan?* XD

This was the last picture i took of my cousin! and there's Shereen*buddy baikku* too LOL!
Hmmm... there's it for now~

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Thank you!

Thank you silly sister *felixia* for helping me to create this blog. =D
That's all for now =D